Program Category Program Play Date
Feature Tyagaraja Shishya Parampara

Tyagaraja's rich shishya parampara includes quite a few important composers.

20-Aug 2017
Kshetra Tanjavur

The seat of the glorious Chola Empire of Tamilnadu, and later of the Nayaks and the Marathas.

20-Aug 2017
Feature The Twelve Chakras - Part 2

An intro to the classification of melas into chakras, with a song from a raga in a chakra.

19-Aug 2017
Selections Kalpana Swaras

Renditions with kalpana swaras in ragas Gaula, Janaranjani, Devamanohari & Navarasa Kannada

19-Aug 2017
Selections Popular Compositions

There are quite a few songs that have become undoubted evergreen classics, and these include many weighty kritis too, apart from the expected lighter compositions. And, this has happened not just because the merit of the compositions, but also for the way artistes over the years have performed them. The popularity of these songs is also reflected in the number of times they are presented in concerts or have been released on commercial recordings. Sometimes, it’s a rare song in a rare raga that becomes popular and end up being performed often. This programme presents a few such favourites.

19-Aug 2017
Feature The Twelve Chakras - Part 1

An intro to the classification of melas into chakras, with a song from a raga in a chakra. Part 1 of two parts.

19-Aug 2017
Kutcheri Tanjavur S Kalyanaraman - Concert

A concert by one of the most original and creative musicians.

16-Aug 2017
RTP Raga Malahari

Madurai T N Seshagopalan sings a Ragam Tanam Pallavi in Raga Malahari.

16-Aug 2017
Colours of a Raga Ananda Bhairavi - Part 2

Ananda Bhairavi - An ancient raga with folk origins. Part 2 of the programme on the raga.

16-Aug 2017
Composer Showcase Sadashiva Brahmendra

A feature on the life and works of the poet philosopher Sadashiva Brahmendra.

15-Aug 2017